Ritter Production is your reliable, award-winning, full-service visual-service provider.

Ondrej Ritter

With his extensive experience in the film industry dating back to the mid- 1980s, Managing Director Ondrej Ritter delivers only the highest standards in visual storytelling.

Ondrej’s passion for film production – with a notable apprenticeship at one of the world’s largest and most renowned television production companies, SPIEGEL TV GmbH – combined with his constant dedication to expanding his repertoire and integrating his unique artistic vision into day-to-day business, guarantee exceptional images and films of unique power. And all of that with a pinch of rock ‘n roll.

Numerous awards testify to Ondrej’s creativity and instinct for capturing unique moments authentically, creatively, and on point – all inspired by former Spiegel CEO, Stefan Aust, and his motto, “An apology cannot be sent”.

The Ritter Production Team

Ritter Production offers you numerous years of professional experience and a vast network of creative professionals in the fields of film and television production. We carefully assemble only the best cinematographers, lighting technicians, cutters, colorists, directors, authors, and numerous other highly specialized professionals, all custom-tailored for your unique project –ensuring that your vision is brought to life in the most effective way possible.

Our extensive, full-service package – from consultation to conception in a customized agency model: from planning and shooting to post-production and duplication (as even new dubbing) – enables a flexible and efficient production – and all from a single source. Our talented and dedicated team work with the latest technology, and are always fully committed to meeting your expectations to a tee.

From our headquarters in Berlin we produce innovative advertising and image films and documentaries, as well as product films, and TV and web series, for our wide range of international clients. From planning to filming, to post-production and graphics – also in 3D – we always take advantage of resources custom-designed to meet the demanding needs of our clients. Plus, our numerous years of experience working with various web agencies also ensure the delivery of fully holistic concepts in a direct and uncomplicated manner.