With more than a combined century of professional experience, Ritter Production’s Managing Director, Ondrej Ritter, and the talented Ritter Production team are thrilled to create the perfect film for you. On the move around the globe for decades, we’ve been honored with numerous prestigious awards – always remaining budget-oriented and cost-effective. We’re dedicated to being the ideal visual-service provider when your project has to be something truly special.

Why Ondrej Ritter?

If you could build the perfect cameraman, that someone would probably look, think, and work exactly like Ondrej Ritter. Ondrej doesn’t simply do a job – he makes others’ projects his own. He knows the plot in no time; he thinks ahead and quickly develops ideas, makes suggestions, and is ready to put his stamp on the whole thing. Not a hastily enthusiastic or easily discouraged gun for hire, Ondrej is possibly the decisive force in the engine room, on the bridge, and in the lookout tower. With Ritter Production, things just work – no matter how tricky the specifications, how wet the clothes, how far the travel, or how uncomfortable the circumstances. It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with a large production, with advertising, with a smaller documentary or multi-part series – or even an experimental piece without a budget, script, or slot. When Ondrej is on board, there are simply no more excuses for clients and journalists.

Ulrich Meyer 
Journalist and Presenter (Akte – Sat.1, 1995-2016, et al)

Ondrej Ritter is an extraordinary person. His friendly filming atmosphere and relaxed work environment, even under extremely strenuous conditions, are motivating influences for everyone, on every shoot. This was the only way my show could have been such a huge success.

Peter Wohlleben 
Forest Ranger and bestselling author

The Ritter Production film crew doesn’t do just run-of-the-mill work. The Ritter team capture truly impressive images, where many others only deliver standard stuff. Their innovative way of making films has given every topic of mine an unmistakable look. Even when the cameras are off, the creative thought processes continues. Ritter get the best out of every challenge. And there is a fun and professional ease to everything, which I’ve greatly appreciated from the very beginning of our joint projects.

Helge Thomsen
Presenter, Grip TV/RTL2 and Youngtimer Duell/DMAX; Automotive Journalist and Head of Motoraver Verlag

Even at the end of a long, exhausting day of shooting, Ondrej Ritter remains highly motivated and in a great mood. Both before and after the shoot, he is always there, fully committed, and constantly thinking about how to get even more out of his shots. What’s more, he has a great skill with the drone, something he has mastered like no other cameraman I’ve seen. His flexibility and his enthusiasm, even under difficult production conditions, always make working with him extremely pleasant and very productive.

Henning Gode
Producer, ENCANTO Film und Fernsehproduktions GmbH

Ondrej and I met for the first time in the summer of 2003, in London, at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), right on Trafalgar Square, where I was presenting my new album Communication to the media and to a select audience. Ondrej filmed our gig. But Ondrej not only filmed the performance, he also documented the entire day. Even then, I noticed how quick and capable he was. A cameraman’s ability, whether he’s just going through the motions, or is genuinely talented and inspired, is easy to spot – because everyone sees the final result; you can’t just bumble through. In this job – Director of Photography, as it is called in English – you really can’t fool anyone.

Ten years later, we played the Postbahnhof in Berlin, and Ondrej filmed our concert again. In the meantime, he had made quite a name for himself. Of course word gets around when someone really understands his medium, and is able to stamp his own unique signature on it – and, moreover, really loves what he does.

I think anyone who is used to seeing the world through the lens of a camera thinks in terms of forms, in terms of “beginning,” “climax,” and “end” – in terms of dramaturgy. And that’s the case with Ondrej. Even if there’s no script whatsoever, he always has a keen sense of how people are behaving within the narrative. The images, it seems, have already been formed in his head.

At that gig in Berlin, Ondrej was on stage with us nearly the entire time. I had the feeling he was, in fact, part of our performance. And when I saw the first sample footage, I thought: “This is exactly how moving images should look!”

Karl Bartos 
German musician, DJ, music producer, songwriter, and former member of Kraftwerk

Ondrej Ritter is a highly creative cameraman, always technically and stylistically on the cutting edge. I particularly appreciate the fact that he fully empathizes with complex topics, and can realize his visual vision perfectly in line with the topic at hand.

Christian Bock
Writer and Director