Image film

An image film is a short film that illustrates the core values of a company, product, or brand. The perfect image film conveys brand competencies and individuality in a unique and powerful way the viewer can really experience.


A commercial promotes a product, service, or brand. To achieve the desired goal – and reach the desired target group – a carefully constructed concept for the normally extensive shoot is essential. Advertising films are usually shot in a very exacting and laborious manner, with the help of skillfully employed, cutting-edge technology.

Product film

A product film focuses specifically on the features and user benefits of a product or service. By carefully illustrating a product’s or service’s details and functionality, customer benefits and unique selling points (USPs) are highlighted in a captivating and effective manner.

Event Film

An event film is a cinematic compilation of an event, such as the market launch of a product, a company party, a sporting event, or a trade fair. It serves as an extremely effective marketing tool, and is often featured on social media and on company websites.


A documentary is a nonfiction film whose structure is not necessarily based on fixed rules or patterns, but which instead may depict real life in an organic, free-flowing manner. This type of film requires a highly experienced cameraman with a keen sense for capturing one-of-a-kind moments, seeing as these decisive situations almost always cannot be repeated.


Documentary soaps are stories from everyday life without any artificial drama added. They combine documentary storytelling with anecdotal storytelling in a serial form.

Recruiting Film

A recruiting film is used by competitive companies to find top applicants. The primary aim is to offer the potential applicant insight into the company and its employment advantages.


A podcast is a series of media content in the form of audio or video files normally obtained by subscribers via the internet. A videocast is a podcast with video content.

Expository Film

An expository film conveys key facts about complex subjects in a clear and understandable way. Animated images are often used to provide the most effective explanations. This type of instructive film often serves as an extremely important marketing tool.

Web Series

A web series consists of multiple episodes of web videos that use emotionally satisfying stories to effectively promote a company’s products or services.